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Organise your next visit with a minimal cost

Research has found out that accommodation takes up a bigger portion of the travel expenses per trip. This is of course not considering the airfare if you are flying in. However recently there has been an increase in the entrance fee to many attractions. There are theme parks, for example, where you can enter with buying a ticket, but if you want to try out any rides inside the park, you have to buy more tickets. This is blatant deception and some feel it is unjust. Another façade is when you pay to get into a so-called exotic zoo to only see lonely animals being imprisoned in very small enclosures, looking really sad and bored.


Spend less

It is not stingy to spend as little as possible, but wise. You must try to get an idea of the value of what you are planning to see. For example, there is only one tallest building in the world as of now and you need to pay dearly to go to the top of it. But that will be an experience which you will remember forever. You can try to budget with staying at a cheap but clean place, use public transportation, cooking your own food and more. There are many online resources which you can use to find good accommodation; similarly many forums are present where travellers share their experiences. The key is to know to pay whom and what for; sometimes in some Asian countries, beggars and vagabonds trying to make it seem like you must do some kind of payment to go into religious sites whilst in truth it is not required. So reading up prior, on where you are going can save some money for you.


Learn the culture and terrain

Whilst learning the culture of every country you visit may not be ideal, just learning of taboos, do’s and don’ts can be advantageous. You wouldn’t want to aggravate anyone especially when it comes to gods and religious places. Another thing to be careful is engaging in activities which are dangerous. For example water sports or canoeing, surfing etc. can be preferred by you, but take care when you go to a river or wade into the sea as you are not from that area and have no idea how the waters behave. In those cases, it is always best to talk to a travel agent or at least a local expert.


Take the good with the bad

When you depend on previous visitors to have an idea of a place, you must understand that everyone will have an opinion. It will, obviously, be very subjective; what is expensive for you might be relatively cheap for someone else. So take the good with the bad and research with the consciousness of each person’s views. You might want to resort to recent as well as old comments and reviews of people from around the world instead of just two or three ideas expressed on an attraction or a place of accommodation.

Have a plan when you are travelling. Make your own itinerary. Discuss with your travel buddies on what you want to see, what is valuable to you and what easily fits into the itinerary and budget you have.

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