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Oz Comic-Con Season Is Finally Here!

Fans of ‘geek culture’ should prepare themselves, because the Oz Comic-Con season has begun! The pop-culture event brings together the best of the comic and film worlds, while also capturing everything in between. This week, the Adelaide event began, thrilling fans with an array of special guests and notable artists.

Games of Thrones actors Finn Jones and Daniel Portman were on hand for the Adelaide festival, discussing their experiences with the ABC.

“It’s a really nice little city actually,” Mr. Jones said of Adelaide. “We’ve been to some nice restaurants and we love the Central Markets. We played karaoke. That was fun. It’s nice to get people out of the house, off their phones and into the real world.”

The event will also bring together several famous faces including The Walking Dead’s Sonequa Martin Green, Doctor Who notable Billie Piper, Ex-Hercules hunk Kevin Sorbo and horror icon Robert Englund (aka Freddy Krueger). Also in attendance at the Adelaide (and Perth) dates will be Stargate star Michael Shanks and Lord Of The Rings actor Billie Boyd. Fans are encouraged to check their local events for different guests and stars in attendance.

Visitors are often treated to exclusive panel sessions and exciting talks, as well as countless displays and competitions involving guests. There’s also plenty on offer for autograph seekers, hoping to get the ‘John Hancock’ of their favourite movie and TV stars. From TV writers to cosplay champions, the Oz Comic-Con has something for everyone!

The event will travel around Australia over a series of months, with the last Oz Comic-Con event taking place in Sydney during late September. Tickets are available online and through the venue sites, so be sure to grab yourself a ticket while you can!

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