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Start your own travel blog

There are many travel notes on the internet. Some are written by individual travellers which is an account of what they went through. Some are professional renderings of how to plan a trip and so on. If you like to travel and share it, you also can start writing your experience down; it will never be too much as different people experience things in different ways and it will be an aid for a future tourist to read up on as many accounts as they get their hands on, to understand the true nature of the place they are about to visit.


Discuss everything

It is a tiresome task to write “all about it”. However prospective travellers would want to know about everything; starting from where to go, how to get there, what to do once you are there and what you should pack. Sometimes you might miss an important place to visit simply because no one has discussed it. So it is better to have many detailed accounts to consider which the best to visit are. Apart from the above details, you can definitely talk about accommodation and inland transportation. Times to visit can be also added. Local rituals and what not to do is normally not covered anywhere so that is another major topic. If you took part in certain special activities, for example, whale watching or golfing, mention the best times of the day to go for that in a certain area as well.


Add pictures!

It is said that a picture tells a thousand stories. This is so true when it comes to somewhere you have never been. If a blog says the colours were very bright that is a very subjective statement; but if you add an image to prove it, (or even disprove it!) that can be a real aid to a prospective traveller. Tourists who share their experiences use images a lot to give an idea of what they are talking about. It can be a professional photographer’s picture in which case the feeling it gives won’t be the same as an amateur’s one. But the novice might capture the true essence of it. This is the reason why one should check more than one blog or travel site when planning a trip.

Earn from it

Although you should consider sharing your experiences merely to help fellow travellers, it can be used to generate an income too. By writing about interesting places and experiences you can attract a rich clientele and sellers who advertise in the web, especially travel agents and accommodation providers, who stand to gain business by advertising in your site. So don’t worry if you see an ad or two in addition to the blog post you wrote!

Sharing is caring. You may have had a great time in your whole life as well as faced some unpleasant experiences. Sharing it with the world can lead others to join in on the fun as well as avoid any hazards that might come their way when visiting a certain attraction.



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